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Monday, June 15, 2009

Camp Fun and Faith in Lynch, NE 2009- 3rd year!

What a wonderful camp!

Joan Patten, Theresa Gabriel, and Assistants


We had 20 campers, 6 awesome counselors, and helpers both for Joan & I and for the kitchen crew (Leonard!).

We had toilets that worked.  We had perfect weather (the rain stopped Friday at noon!)


The counselor training went from 3:00 - 5:00.  We Learned songs and discussed games.  We went over the entire schedule and rules.  The counselors prepared and lead a 40 minute session with their own group Saturday morning, designing a skit, learning Bible Verses and praying.  This added training made a big difference, even with the wonderful quality of counselors we started with.  Kathy and the other volunteers provided us with a nice sandwich supper.  (I was going to order pizza from the bowling alley.)


The kids enjoyed the crafts and activities which included tying knots, making crucifixes, New Testament Bingo, painting their own portrait of Paul (i.e. one girl after hearing he was a 'tough cookie' drew a chocolate chip cookie with a beard and a sword!).  We played games outside, visited the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in small groups, and had a 'race to the Cross' which was a little scary if you were holding one of the large crosses while 30 kids ran toward you at full speed!  Fr. Tim and Fr. Augustin (from Sierra Leon - Africa) spent the entire Saturday morning with us, even doing crafts with us.  They were both appreciative of receiving a copy of The Cenacle.  Fr. Augustin took several copies to pass out to his priests.  We had wonderful skits!  Each of the three goups (The Ephesians, the Philippians, and the Corinthians) acted out parts of Paul's journeys with creativity and humor - sometimes lots of humor!  They repeatedly asked for more time to practice, so we gave it to them, then they performed for each other during our long journey outside through the yards (I mean through the Mediterranean), and then for the parents.  Our final show and meal was in the basement of the Church, which was really "comfortable."


We had about four journaling times.  We visited the hospital in small groups.  About 6 of the 20 kids memorized a Bible verse and won a prize.


Saturday night Leonard and I went to the movie in town and ran into several campers and counselors there.  I can highly recommend the buttered popcorn!  Sunday morning we attended Mass after sleeping very late.  Fr. Augustin talked about our covenant with Christ, and about his mission, and also about Pro Sanctity and the Niobrara House of Prayer.  Then Kathy and LeRoy took us into South Dakota for a big buffet and to see a Reservation Indian Catholic Church.  Beautiful!!  We part ways until 4 p.m.  Taking the extra time to hang around town was a wonderful way to round out the weekend.


We discussed camp during our travels.  Next year, we would like to have camp the weekend of June 11 (the second weekend works well for them - and for us.)  We want to go Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday, ending with a 11:00 parish mass and potluck.  We will add Bunko and Bowling.  Counselor training can be Friday afternoon, and maybe we can add some prep time for them. Leonard and I tentatively are planning on going up Thursday again, and staying for a couple days afterwards.


We invited Leroy and Kathy to visit Elkhorn, the Omaha Bethany, and our home in Columbus.  They are considering coming for the Fall Family Festival.  We all think it would be good for more people around here to meet are friends from the House of Prayer in Lynch, Nebraska


Well, that's a little summary for you.  We missed you Teresa, and we want to share our joy of the weekend with you and Franca.

Theresa Gabriel

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Pope John Paul II






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