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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mary, the Perfect Adorer

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Mary, the Perfect Adorer

We pray to You, Eucharistic Jesus!
You are the center of the life of the Church;
You are our center, our ALL! You are present in our midst!
We adore You. We pray to You.
We pray for ourselves, for our families and for our Pro Sanctity Family.
We pray for the Church, for the whole world.
We often do not have either the time or the calmness to pray to You.
Here we are, praying to You! Listen to us!

We wish to find our model in Mary, the perfect adorer.
There is a chapter in Mary’s life of which we know little:
that of Mary the Adorer.
St. Julian Eymard tried to unfold it for us a little…
The Apostle John, during the many years of Mary’s remaining in his home,
used to break the Bread with Mary present.

Perhaps the external rite of keeping Hosts in the tabernacle
had not yet started.
What do we know of what was happening in Mary’s heart
at the moment she received the Body of Christ?
What do we know of her being in adoration during the entire day?

If it is true that every day John used to celebrate the Eucharist,
can we imagine that Mary would not avail herself
of Jesus’ presence for even one day?

Lord, we ask You and Mary
to grant us a longing, a consuming desire
to be more and to love more, a little more, every day.
We wish to be Your answer
to today’s redemptive moment. May it be so! Amen!

Adapted from William Giaquinta, Mary the Perfect Adorer, November 3, 1985