Be Holy, Be Happy!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pro Sanctity National Convention 2011 - Sign up now!

Love is Fire!

We want to be a flame and bring the fire to others so that they, too, may burn with love. +Bishop William Giaquinta

Come to the Pro Sanctity National Convention for the Day July 29-30, or 31!

If you want to come just for a day
or all three, and we encourage you to do so, the cost is:

Friday night:
Give a donation.
Saturday: $40.00 for the program without meals, or $55.00 with lunch and dinner.
Sunday: $25.00 for the program with Sunday dinner and ice crème social, or $15.00 program alone.

REGISTER: Call us or email if you want to come for the day and for the full weekend (see prices for food and lodging) go to our on-line registration: WWW.PROSANCTITY.ORG or contact Teresa at or 402-289-2670