Be Holy, Be Happy!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Getting ready for our National Convention Love is Revolution

Pro sanctity will soon be celebrating its  national convention from July 31st to August 2nd.   Our theme for the convention is Love is Revolution.  In anticipation of our celebration, Pro Sanctity Members and friends from all over the country have been reflecting on Bishop Giaquinta’s book of the same name, and we will be posting quotes from the book and their reflections each day from July 1- July 30 on our blog and facebook page.  We would like you to join us on this adventure.  Please read, pray, and post your comments along with ours.  

 When I first heard the theme I began to ponder the word revolution.  As I sought definitions I was intrigued by  2 different definitions I found on  The first was by far the most common:  The usually violent attempt by many people to end the rule of one government and start a new one. 

 The second definition did even more to capture my attention:  A sudden, extreme or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.  I think this second definition is what Bishop Giaquinta had in mind.  It only takes a moment of reading the paper or watching the news to see how pervasive pain and violence and loneliness are in our society.  We need a revolution, so let’s get started!!!