Be Holy, Be Happy!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Happy All Saints Day everyone!!!

This is one of my new favorite songs these days, even thought it was written in the 60s I feel blessed to have rediscovered it. With the help of Pro Sanctity founder Bishop Giaquinta, I have come to find it's eternal meaning in light of All Saints Day. All of us becoming saints as he envisioned is indeed a POSSIBlE dream. What is called the unbeatable foe, Satan, is indeed beatable through Christ.Our sorrow is bearable and even useful through His cross. And marching into hell for a heavenly cause (our brothers and sisters) is what we are called to do. The one Man scorned and covered with scars is Christ himself and He is leading us on. The unreachable star, heaven is mos certainly reachable. Please listen prayerfully