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Thursday, January 15, 2009



Father Scott Traynor, Pro Sanctity priest-friend and dedicated witness to the universal call to holiness, has a new blog.  You don’t want to miss it!!


John Paul II asks you to ask yourself:

“What have I done with my Baptism?  How am I responding to my vocation? What have I done with my Confirmation? Have I made the gifts and charisms of the Spirit bear fruit?” (A Vatican II Examination of Conscience)


Invitation to trust:

“He Who could walk on water could also ride triumphantly upon what is still more fickle, unstable, tumultuous, treacherous – the billows of human wills, human purposes, human hearts.  (Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman)


Another invitation to trust:

“Lord Jesus, our Redeemer Who willingly accepted death so that all persons could be saved and enter into new life, we turn to You with trust in Your merciful love.”  (Bishop William Giaquinta)


Is this message for me?

“There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.”  Charles Gill


Living Co-redemptive Love

“[God] continues to save souls and searches for instruments.  He wants my free co-operation, my instrumentality.  I give it to Him without dispute…If He wants me to share His active life, I will consume my strength for my brothers and sisters.  If instead He wants to take me into the mysteries of the silence of Nazareth, I will joyfully accept my obscurity.  I will try to climb onto the cross if my Lord calls me to the mysteries of the passion, and will accept glory if He wants that.  Always for others, though, because I must move only along the lines of co-redemption.  (Bishop William Giaquinta)


I have to remind myself:

“Don’t give God instructions.  Just report for duty!” (Nome Static)


Is Pro Sanctity pro life?

How could we say we promote holiness if we do not work to protect the right to life of our vulnerable brothers and sisters, whether they reside in their mother’s womb, a hospice bed, or a group home?  Our slogan – “All saints, all brothers and sisters” – only has meaning and credibility if we are pro life.



Poverty is fought if humanity becomes more fraternal as a result of shared values and ideals, founded on the dignity of the person, on freedom joined to responsibility, on the effective recognition of the place of God in the life of man.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look out! On FEBRUARY 17th, it's Analog Armageddon!

HD or HP?

By Kay Parlor


Look out!  On FEBRUARY 17th, it’s Analog Armageddon! 


The other day, the Feb. 17th date stated flashing on our television screen.  It was yet another in a long list of ways that the television industry has enlisted to inform us that all television transmissions will be digital as of that date.  Enough already!


It is no secret to those who know me well that I am not a fan of television.  I once heard someone say that if future archeologists excavated our homes centuries from now, they would conclude that we worshipped the T.V. based on arrangement of furniture facing it, number of sets in the house, etc.  That gives me pause.


I must confess that we have two sets in our home, one of which is a high-def-big-screen that the kids and I bought for my husband’s 50th birthday.  Sadly, I succumbed to the marketing hype and now I have no one to blame but myself.  Yes, football is on in HD every weekend of the season in my home.  My dear husband folds the laundry during the games to justify sitting in front of it for so long.  He is much more in control than my 20 year old son, who will not only watch the game for nearly 4 hours but then watch Sports Center rehash EVERY MINUTE of it for another 3 hours!  In fairness, my husband can easily point to my own habit of putting HGTV on while I’m folding clothes and I often linger longer to watch the “reveal”.


Television viewing, like anything else, is not a “bad” thing as long as moderation is used.  When television interferes with our family time, our prayer life, getting to Mass, etc. we have a problem.  Some families have gone into debt to have the “theatre experience” in their homes.  Are we more concerned with HD (high definition) or HP (our Higher Power)?


As we begin a new year, it is good to take stock and see those areas in our life where we have let the pull of outside influences infringe on our placing God first in our lives.  What unhealthy idols have we latched onto?  Let’s pray for each other, that we can strive to overcome them!



Thank you to KVSSCatholic Radio!

November 15, 2008
Spirit Award KVSS DINNER!

Omaha’s Catholic Radio Station has a long, beautiful history with Pro Sanctity and Teresa Monaghen, praising God, Teresa and the Movement were chosen to be the recipients of this year’s Spirit Award. From many, many stints as a guest on the “Morning Show” with Bruce and Kris McGregor, to our own “Holiness Helpers Hour” every Friday at 10:00, to spiritual nourishment and direction for the staff, and countless other collaborative efforts, Catholic radio and Pro Sanctity have been a team “made in Heaven” for sure! Over two hundred people came out on a wintry November night to honor Pro Sanctity and support KVSS. Pro Sanctity members Kay and Rob Parlor and Tom and Rita Hejkal chaired the event, which was attended by numerous other members and friends of the Movement. Catholic radio was one of Bishop Giaquinta’s dreams; surely he is involved in this project from Heaven.

Special thanks go to Kay and Parlor and Rita and Tom Hejkal, who worked tirelessly on the Dinner plans with KVSS Catholic Radio.

Thanks to our Episcopal Moderator, Archbishop Elden Curtiss for being with us that evening and for his consistent support of both KVSS and Pro Sanctity!

We thank Mr. Director Jim Carroll, and the amazing staff of KVSS for the wonderful collaboration and support of the apostolate of holiness!

We thank Founder, Servant of God, Bishop Giaquinta for his inspiration and intercession from heaven!

Together we are working for a world of all saints, all brothers and sisters! Thank you!