Be Holy, Be Happy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rejoice, a new star in heaven!

Servant of God, Bishop G. Giaquinta and Blessed Pope John Paul II, Apostles
of Holiness!!
May 1, 2011

(November 1978)

It seems to me, and to many others, that in Pope John Paul II's emphasis on
the universal call to holiness, lived out in intimate personal union with
Christ and in the ordinary, everyday means of the Christian life, including
prayer, service of others and the sacraments, we rediscover the authentic
interpretation of our Founder's life and legacy and the path to genuine,
effective renewal and sure development of our Institutes, the Movement and
even the whole world. Holiness is the only answer (Const.36).

Our new Blessed Pope John Paul II along with our Founder had a vision for
holiness and set it as the gold standard of the ordinary Christian life and
they showed us the true path to renewal and the way to eternal communion
with the Blessed Trinity.

Let us rejoice and give thanks that the Church has confirmed for us yet
another friend in heaven in the person of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

May our Founder, Bishop Giaquinta and Blessed Pope John Paul II intercede
for us and for our total conversion to holiness.

May we never tire of starting over again!

Teresa Monaghen