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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Explosive WORD! Lectionary 457

September 28, 2010

Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20-23

Reflection: Occasionally, not everyday, but occasionally I wake up and “curse the day.” Usually it is because there is something in the day that I do not want to do, or feel ill-prepared or will definitely offer me a negative challenge like meeting with an angry person….I agonize on these days and often do not even sleep well in the first place.

Teaching: Job certainly was articulate about not only a bad, horrible day, but about a bad, horrible life! He curses the day he was born! He regrets that he was not aborted and laments his life, and it seems that only death will be his peace and his rest.

Conversation: Job, you sucked the breasts that gave you life and you survived. God had a purpose for you. We have sucked at the breasts of Mary, and have received the milk of comfort, the Eucharistic strength that comes from having received God through her! Yes, we have been nourished by God, evil has been overcome by the Lord's death and His offering has become our hope, our joy and our reason for living. Death becomes life following of Christ, no matter how bad the day is or how little prepared we feel. Every moment, every second has meaning in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus!

Luke 9:51-56

Final thought: Jesus resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem so that we might have a reason to live life and live it to the full!


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