Be Holy, Be Happy!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Journeying with the Founder Day #95

Sentimental instincts lead us to be charitable towards people whom we like and less than charitable toward those we don’t. Such “charity” is not governed by God’s thought, in the spirit of perfection, but according to those mysterious waves that I don’t know how to define, magnetic or electrical, of liking others or not liking them. In this case, if there is empathy between the two, the person is pleasant and everything she does is fine. If instead there is no empathy between the two, even if the other has the power to make gold, everything
she does is always bad. The victory over this instinctive sense of sympathy and antipathy is necessary and comes through the inner principle of interiority, the supernatural spirit that leads us one direction or another. (Charity)

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