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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Journeying with the Founder Day #164

In the Gospel Jesus says to us, “I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” (Lk. 22:15). Therefore, if we enter into the Heart of Christ, we find this intense desire. John explains it to us. “Having loved His own in this world, He would show His love for them to the end” … to the end – in finem (Jn. 13:1). We enter into a Cenacle in which there is a heart burning with love, the Heart of Christ…We enter into the Cenacle, and find the manifestation of the call to holiness most suitable for us—we see how
Jesus speaks to us of the Father’s love, from which the call to holiness springs. What is the attitude and what are the words that spring from the Heart of Jesus that is burning with love in the Cenacle? We know well Jesus’ first gesture: He washes His disciples’ feet, a function reserved for slaves. “You address me as teacher and Lord, and fittingly enough, for that is what I am…” ( Jn. 13:13) but in this moment I am your slave, your servant, and if I wash your feet, you too must wash one another’s feet…

Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and repeatedly returns to the promise of this Gift, the reality and greatness of which we will only understand when, after the tragedy of Golgotha, the Cenacle again comes alive as the Spirit descends upon the Apostles forming the charismatic and missionary Church. At that moment the Apostles do not understand it, but in Jesus’ Heart and thought it is clear: the Cenacle becomes the place of the promise of the Church, the charismatic and missionary Church.

And then there is the central point in which Christ’s love bursts forth: the Eucharist. Because of His love we have the ineffable, incomprehensible, unfathomable and unspeakable mystery of bread that becomes Christ; Christ Who gives us His Blood to drink and His Body to eat…See what a wealth there is in the Cenacle and how we can indeed say that the Cenacle is the Sanctuary of Divine Exaggerations. (Communio)

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