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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Journeying with the Founder Day #69

The law is essentially a law of love in the Mystical Body. This leads to some basic consequences because our love has to be measured by the greatness of the Mystical Body, and by its universality. My love must be as ample as the Mystical Body’s love, as great and far-reaching as the Mystical Body’s. Since the potential amplitude of the Mystical Body embraces all people, I have to love all people. I have to look at them as my brothers and sisters, even those whom I do not know. Perhaps I never will know them. I have to feel united in love for Christ Jesus with the members of the Mystical Body, and I have to look at the issues of the whole Mystical Body, of the whole Church, as if they were my own issues (because they are.) My love for all my brothers and sisters has to go beyond my own personal needs and my selfishness. (Charity)


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