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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Journeying with the Founder Day #138

Perhaps even now the Oblates do not have a clear perception of the importance of the Movement and in that confusion identify the Movement as the apostolate of the Oblates. The Movement, however, goes beyond the Oblates; it goes beyond the three Institutes. It is a reality in which the three Institutes insert themselves to realize it, to live it, and to strengthen and develop it. If we do not realize or develop the Movement, we will not be able to realize our apostolic plans. For this reason I speak of a strengthening and an expansion
of the Movement, of its universality and diversification. Only through the Movement are the three Institutes fused together and able to attain maximum results. These results are not due uniquely to the priests or to the Animators or to the Oblates, but are due to the three animating forces that together contribute their numerous strengths. (The Theological Community)

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