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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Journeying with the Founder Day #208

At first glance, commemorating the Ascension would not seem to be a great, beautiful feast because it is when the Lord goes away and the disciples (and we with them) remain orphans in a certain sense. In fact there is a sense of sadness in the Apostles. Where do they find consolation? I do not believe they find it so much in the words that the Angels say to them (i.e., that Christ Who has ascended will return) but more through Mary’s presence in their midst. This is important because from this point on, they must model their relationship not only on Jesus but also on the living reality of Mary, whom Jesus wanted to be among them.

Today with Mary we say to Jesus, Who is ascended into Heaven: “Lord, You have planned our life, and that’s fine; You have revolutionized our life, and that’s fine; however, do not abandon us! Look at Your mother and look at us. You sustained Your mother; sustain us, too, so that we may follow You on this journey of the revolution of love.” (Homily, May 12, 1988)


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