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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Post from June 19th of the Italy pilgrimage including photos

I have been putting daily posts on facebook since the pilgrimage began on 6-17.  I'm sorry it took me so long to add these posts to our blog.  I thought someone might be adding them from Italy but so far this has not happened so I am transferring my posts from facebook to the blog.    This post was from June 19th

Hello pilgrimage prayer partners. Thank you for praying. Margie Nelsengot her luggage back thanks be to God. She also posted information about the day and some wonderful pictures. I will post them here
We had a great day. I woke up at 5:45 with the sun and couldnt sleep so I got up and went to breakfast. We left for Monreale at 9. It is a 3 hour drive through beautiful hills into the mountain. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea. I had a calzone at a pizzeria with a group from California and Judy. It was good. Judy and I only made it to one st...ore. The lady talked to us for a long time and told us all about her artwork with ceramics. I ended up buying a really colorful piece for outside of the front door and a small tile that she made. She was quite a character and told us about her pantalones that were holy and showed us the holes. I had Judy take a picture of the lady and I with the peices she made. Mom wanted me to buy my birthday present while in Italy so taht is done!
We celebrated Mass in the beautiful Cathedral in Monreale at 2:30 and left there for Palermo after that. The bethany in Palermo had us come for Gelato and were so excited to have us there. We took the bus back to Catania, leaving at 5:30. We went to dinner at 9 and were served at 11:15. We finished our dinner before midnigyht for the first day on the trip! Oh, the most exciting news: I got my luggage this evening! I am so happy! I plan to climb about 1 million stairs to the 6th floor roof and look at Mt. Etna after writing this. Iàll try to post some pictures on facebook tomorrow.


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