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Saturday, October 23, 2010

All Saints Novena Day 2, October 24th 2010

Our reflection continues on the thought "The glory of God is man fully alive.  Using our definition from paragraph 294 of the Catechism, the glory of God is the manifestation and communication of his goodness.  So this must mean that to be fully alive is to manifest and communicate the goodness of God. 

I'm sure the medical and clinical definition of being alive has to do with the beats of our heart and the activity of our brain waves among other things.  But God's definition of being alive is as infinite and vast as He is.  And since He is completely and perfectly good, communicating and manifesting his goodness should take everything we have. 

I fail so very often at this task, choosing to keep to myself and my own wants and desires rather than seeking Him and how He wants me to communicate His life to others. 

Dear Lord, we pray on this day for a more fervent desire to seek your will so that we may more fully communicate and manifest your goodness to all we meet

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