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Monday, December 2, 2013

Journeying with the Founder Day #32

God takes man’s fidelity seriously and builds history on it. Think of Mary’s Fiat on which history has been built: the history of the new covenant starts with Mary’s Fiat, her “yes,” her “Amen—may it be so.” Think of the “Amen” at Gethsemane: Father, may this chalice pass away from me; yet not my will, but Yours be done (Mt 26:39). Think of the Apostles’ response. They are called, they say their Amen and it is on their Amen that God builds the history of the Church. Think of our sacramental Amen as Christians, and then as consecrated people, on which God wants to build the history of our time. Think of our personal responsibility
in whether this history is built or not. The personal, little Amen of each person has an essential importance, not a relative one, inasmuch as the various “Amens” together form the necessary condition, the supporting pillar, for the building up of today’s history. (The Covenant)

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