Be Holy, Be Happy!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Journeying with the Founder Day #59

Consecrated through the sacrament of matrimony, every couple and their children are a little nucleus of a supernatural family, set in a poetic way amid the cry of a baby, the singing of the mother, the aroma of fresh bread. The parish is a family gathered around the good father at an altar adorned by white linens and flowers full of their perfume. The local Church or diocese is a family, fitted to its bishop—who knows how to be for his children a brother and a father; how to have a smile and firmness—as the strings of a harp through which the Spirit repeats the truth in melodies of love (St. Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Eph. 4). The whole Church is a family which, in a world needing peace and love, shows itself a living reality of the Father who looks for the
far-off, lost prodigal son, as Jesus recounts in the Gospel (Lk 15:11 ff ). (Love is Revolution)

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