Be Holy, Be Happy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Journeying with the Founder Day #49

The first relationship of holiness is the personal one with God; we can call it the first dimension of holiness. Each of us, though, is surrounded by other persons for whom Christ died, and so they are our brothers and sisters in grace or must become so. For how could we ignore our brethren in their various situations of life? Our love for the Father must make us feel the need and duty of speaking with them of our marvelous experience of encountering the mystery of God-Love. This relationship that sanctity creates with others we call the second dimension of holiness. Can we, however, see people as isolated from the social, cultural, economic, or political situations in which they live, and speak to them of God’s love without taking into consideration their living conditions? Yet we must face the fact that most of this societal context in which we live is not only indifferent to God’s love, but most often is an obstacle to living a full response to the vocation to love Him. What this means is that we need to structure the world in such a way that these different sociological factors help us live our vocation to holiness. This last relationship we call the third dimension of holiness. (Love is Revolution)

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