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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Founders Novena Day 9, June 14th 2010

When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him. 

Luke 5:11

Wow, that is quite the statement of faith.  To leave everything and follow Him.  I know that I have not done this, it is the greatest challenge for me and perhaps all of us.  I have to ask myself, what things have I left to follow Him and what things do I still to readily cling to, even though I know they need to be left-- my bad habits, my laziness, my willfulness and desire to be in control, my desire to spend my time exactly as I want to rather than seeing it as a gift from God, the list is endless. 

In spite of this long list of shortcomings, we should not get discouraged and give up.  When I have tried to give up, I often hear the voice of God saying, that is too easy, I have too much I want you to do, ask my forgiveness and we will move on together. 

Bishop Giaquinta please pray with us to gain the insight into what we need to leave behind to follow You and give us the courage and the strength to do it.   Lord, we know you don't ask us to do anything that you don't equip us to do.  Help us put our lives completely in Your hands

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