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Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebrate Mother Teresa - Listen on Saturday 102.7 Lisa and Teresa on Theresa

I have the joy and privilege to write a few words about Mother Teresa. I intend to write a “few” words because it would be so easy to write volumes, in fact volumes have already been written on her, and still there is so much more to say!  In all honesty, I cannot add any new fact about her either because I am by no means a scholar of Mother Teresa and her work. No, I am just a fellow “Teresa” who for one reason or another, find myself following her tracks, seeing her shadow and admiring her from a distance over the years.  I follow in her tracks because she, before me, took St. Therese of Lisieux as her model, mentor and for her religious name. I, too, took Therese as model and mentor, not because Teresa of Calcutta did it, but for the same reason she did: because of St. Therese’s attractiveness and inspiration to me. Mother Teresa’s shadow literally passed in front of me for years. It would be so frustrating to find out that I was in a place just a moment too late and missed meeting her or seeing her! This happened many times! I have had spiritual directors and friends who knew her well and told me many stories, but I never once saw her live and in person.   I have admired her, too, from a distance as millions of others have, and her example, her love and joy, her dedication and drive, her straightforwardness and her “Christ-centeredness” have long been a source of inspiration to me. It is in this spirit, I now wish to share a few notes about her, that you too may reflect on your relationship with her and grow in love and appreciation of the Church who now officially celebrates her as a “blessed person” of our times.




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