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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feast of the Assumption - Reflection on Mary - Msgr. Andrew Vaccari

Reflection - the rewards of a holy life

Mary's Assumption is another example of God's grace in her life.  She receives this blessing and this special gift because of the choices of God, no other reason.  Here we see her raised to heaven at the end of her life, body and soul united with the Father.  What she has received already, we hope to achieve some day too!  She said yes to God's will for her and God preserved her from original sin.  Safe from sin, she escaped the separation of death.  Her holiness shines in the heavens and God filled her soul with more than she could have imagined.  And so for us too.  Though we are touched by original sin, the victory of God surpasses the pains of sin and death.  God has kept in heaven for us far more than we might imagine or even hope for!  Each sacrifice we make, each time we persevere, each act of charity and forgiveness leads to the blessings God has kept for us.


Mary, pray for us that we may keep our eyes on your Son.  He promises great rewards to all who remain united with him.  He holds for us a prize for holiness, greater than all the world can offer. Msgr. Andrew Vaccari, National Pro Sanctity Spiritual Advisor



"Mary is the motive of trust; whatever moment we are living, in whatever difficulty we find ourselves, we turn to her: My Mother, My Confidence!" (Giaquinta)



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