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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pro Sanctity Meeting with Archbishop George Lucas

My Mother, My Confidence!

August 30, 2010


Hi Pro Sanctity Family


These days have not been the slow days of August, but filled to overflowing with apostolic energy. We praise God because we today we had our first official meeting with our new Archbishop, George Lucas There was Kay, Fr. Frank, Fr. Tom W, Rita H and myself. He was so gracious!! He affirmed us, affirmed our Sodales, the Animators, and especially our promotion of the Universal Call to holiness in a manner that people can receive, at the same time he highlighted the necessity of a movement with its supporting groups, like ours to encourage it. He thanked us for working with our priests and with young people particularly!! He was very happy with our formation program plans, and our emphasis on interiority for the apostolate!



He said yes to invite Cardinal Arinze in next September (who has already been approached and was waiting for Archbishop Lucas to OK it), he said yes to celebrating November lst with us and preaching on our theme, Saints: Fully Human, Fully Alive (including children) and he said a tentative yes for the Pro Sanctity Convention in July (depends on his retreat)!!!


What a great meeting, we thank God, our Lady, Our Founder and all the saints!! We thank all of you for you are the Movement!!


I am going to pray in now in thanksgiving!


Love, Teresa


PS: I am trying to set up SKYPE with my phone, give me a few days and  I will have it figured out under the name of: Teresa.Monaghen





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  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY....G. Giaquinta

"Mary is the motive of trust; whatever moment we are living, in whatever difficulty we find ourselves, we turn to her: My Mother, My Confidence!" (Giaquinta)



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