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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Novena 2007- DAY TWO

O WISDOM (December 17) – Lord, help us to know your will in our lives.
Teresa Monaghen

As a child, I used to wonder how the stars hung onto the sky and when I would see one fall, I would think that the string or the paste or whatever adhesive God used must have given away! As an adult, I still am not exactly sure how those stars stay stuck in the heavens, but one thing I am sure of, is that God keeps them there as part of his divine plan and when they fall, well, that is part of the rhythm he put into nature. To stop and notice the patterns, the rhythms, the intricacies of this world is to stop and wonder at God's amazing ability. I think that the beginning of wisdom is recognizing that God is God! What is more, God has a plan and in that plan he included our redemption. He sent WISDOM into the world. Giuliana Spigone once said it so beautifully, "We needed a savior, one for which nothing is impossible!" If he can keep the stars in the sky than he can take care of me for eternity. Nothing is impossible for God!

Dearest Lord, Divine Wisdom, you were sent into our world that we might know the Father's will and have the gifts to walk according to the pattern that will lead us to holiness. Thank you, Lord, your world is amazing. Thanks for sticking the stars in the sky and thanks for sticking me right here, right now, to follow you in wisdom and love. Amen.

Teresa Monaghen


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