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Saturday, December 8, 2007

IC Day Seven: Mary immaculate in her will

Mary is pure in her intelligence: her thoughts and her judgments are always in conformity with charity and truth. She views everything with a supernatural spirit. She does not argue with God’s will, does not question, but bows, accepts, and conforms.

Mary is immaculate in her will, which is always directed to the good of others. She wished good for her Son, and most of all, she wished good for all of humanity. May our will, too, be like Mary’s: always seeking the good of others; and may our will and desires be in conformity God’s will and desires – and pure like Mary’s. We were not conceived without sin, yet we carry within ourselves the image of God. Conceived in sin, we were restored to grace through Baptism.

No one on earth has loved God like Mary; no one has ever known Him as she did. We did not have the privilege of being born immaculate, but from the beginning of creation we were made in the image of God, and with Baptism we were given to participate in His life. Therefore, every human being is beautiful as the moon, and we should learn to read every situation with purity of mind and of judgment, free from prejudices, but always judging with charity and truth.

Purity of mind and of will: in community, in the world, especially in a society, which we often judge negatively, but in which much faith can be found. We should not always judge situations negatively, but rather, look at everything with eyes of hope and of trust. Giuliana Spigone


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