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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reflection on Christmas Novena Day 2 WISDOM

by Joan Kash

Organizing has always been one of my weakest points. Even though I know it is best to keep files and papers in an orderly fashion, I have to be honest, I lose things often because I don't take the time to organize because it is just easier not to make the effort.

When I read about Wisdom "ordering all things mightily and sweetly". I think about how perfectly God made everything that is. From the wonder of the human body that although assailed by illness from time to time knows in it's own design how to repair itself, to the delicacy of a flower or a butterfly that is perfectly and uniquely formed, it fills me with wonder.

At this Advent time especially we should also be filled with wonder that God knew us so well that He knew we could not save ourselves. He sent His son not only to be a living example of how we should love one another, but to die for us on the cross.

Thank you God for your perfect Wisdom. Teach us to seek you more

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The Pro Sanctity Family said...

Thank you, Joan, your gentle words speak much to my heart and remind me to open myself ever more to the WONDER of our God. God bless you, Teresa