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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Christmas Novena - December 16
by Msgr. Andrew Vaccari

Lord, I wish to make up for the love you were denied. you were born in a deserted stable, for no one wanted to take you in. It was the beginning of your silent, entreating journey in search of people who would receive you. We wish to welcome you, little Child. Thus we beg you, transform our hearts from cold dismal stables into the warm abodes worthy of the gift of you. Amen! (Servant of God, Bishop G. Giaquinta)

Lord, show us your kindness and grant us salvation. Father direct us to walk in the shadow of Christ, the Prince of Peace, so that we may live together, as Christians should and through our example bring peace to the world. Amen.

The Lord Jesus came as a little child. It was nearly two thousand years from the time of Abraham for the promise of a Messiah to be fulfilled and when he came there was no room for him in the inn. Had the Father planned originally for him to come to the inn, and only allowed that he go to the stable because the inn was full? It wouldn't surprise me at all. God writes straight with crooked lines. He adjusts his own plans to accommodate my mistakes so maybe the stable was not in God's original plan. But the stable is open to everyone and it has drawn my heart there once more this year.

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