Be Holy, Be Happy!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lenten reflection 2-21-16

This is my chosen Son, listen to him

None of us have had the experience of seeing Jesus in dazzling white, and hearing God’s voice from a cloud proclaiming His identity as His chosen Son. 

I have no doubt, however, that many of us have had the experience of knowing with absolute certainty that we are in God’s presence. 

We may say words to a friend in need or in front of a group of people that had never even occurred to us until the very moment we said them.  We may write or be on the receiving end of a letter or a poem or a song that comes so fluidly to us in such a rush that it is abundantly clear to us that we are listening to the voice of God.

Lord teach me to hear your still small voice, that I may act on what I hear and be an instrument of your love to the world


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