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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 15

Quote of the Day 

  Who is the saint? Every person who with all the sincerity and passion of which he is capable tries decisively to reach the fullness of love is a saint. 

When thinking of this it reminds me of an interview question I was asked about picking a superhero and having a super power in order to figure out my personality. Not following these things, I know of them but not why they are considered such my answer ended up being non conclusive yet my superpower was related to striving for the virtue that the Saints in Heaven strived for when they were on earth. Because everyone by the virtue of our Baptism is called to live for God and follow his Commandments and do what Jesus commanded, we are called to be saints who are decisively capable of being a saint like the ones in Heaven. (Rhonda Eby, wife mother and long time Pro Sanctity Member, Pro Sanctity Central States)

We wish to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us to speak of love and brotherhood to everyone.  Therefore, grant us, O Lord, the ability to speak and the courage to witness (from the prayer Builders of a New World, William Giaquinta)

15 days until the convention!  To register click on the link below


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