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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 28

Quote of the Day

Accepting these situations and trying to resolve
these problems at the level of sanctity means to make
oneself actually part of the world in which the mystique of
love reigns.

 There is no shortage of problems and pain in the world.  It only takes a moment of reading the paper or watching the news to see how desperate we all are to experience real and unconditional love.   We make ourselves a part of the world that God envisions for all of us by praying and drawing strength from Him so that we can  become  a beacon of His love to our family, friends, co workers, and strangers.  Let us try to greet everyone we meet today with this in mind and heart (Dan Kash, husband and long time Pro Sanctity Member, Pro Sanctity Central States)    

We wish to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us to speak of love and brotherhood to everyone.  Therefore, grant us, O Lord, the ability to speak and the courage to witness (from the prayer Builders of a New World, William Giaquinta) 

2 days to the convention!!!


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