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Monday, July 6, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 6

Quote of the Day

 This relationship that sanctity creates with others we
call the second dimension of holiness. Can we, however,
see people as isolated from the social, cultural, economic,
or political situations in which they live, and speak to them
of God’s love without taking into consideration their living

Recently, I had the opportunity to serve a community meal with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  We as volunteers were told to be Christ for them, see Christ in them, and conduct ourselves in a way that they see Christ in us.  Those who had helped before radiated with a kind of confident grace.  They knew they were doing the work of the Father.  Those who had not were unsure of themselves and hoped they did not mess things up.  It was the community who set us newbies at ease, assuring us we were doing a good job, and thanking us for taking time out of our lives to help strangers.  Whether we went home to beautiful homes with well-manicured lawns or shelters nearby, we were all a part of a community in Christ.      Nancy Tefft, Pro Sanctity Central States 

We wish to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us to speak of love and brotherhood to everyone.  Therefore, grant us, O Lord, the ability to speak and the courage to witness (from the prayer Builders of a New World, William Giaquinta)

Help me to do this today Lord by meeting a concrete need of my brothers and sisters


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