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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 25

Quote of the day

Utopia is thus the ideal that we must try to live with all our
strength, even if we are sure that we will not realize it in a
complete form because, being of God, it is infinite in scope
and measure. While we can be sure, then, of never bringing
about a world that is totally and universally holy, we must

nevertheless strive to do so because this is the will of God.

My heart wants to sing, 🎶 "To Dream, the impossible dream, to fight the impossible foe....." And then, I hear........nothing is impossible with God. The dream is alive! It is His will for me 
to dream of a utopia of saints, a world filled with brothers and sisters living life as Our Creator designed it for us to live. If He has willed this desire, He has already provided the means to attain it. Help me set aside the barriers, Jesus, I trust in You!   (Cathy Mc Donnell, Local Director, external apostolic oblate, Pro Sanctity California

We wish to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us to speak of love and brotherhood to everyone.  Therefore, grant us, O Lord, the ability to speak and the courage to witness (from the prayer Builders of a New World, William Giaquinta)  5 days to the convention!!!


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