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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 16

Quote of the Day

The brotherhood we must have among
ourselves is not measured by justice but by the immolation
that Christ chose in order to manifest His love for us.  

If we define justice as ‘giving the other their due’ and immolation as ‘sacrificial slaying’, we recognize that Bishop Giaquinta is reminding us to imitate Christ by going way beyond the minimum.  So often in this world, we hear the phrase, “It’s not fair!” and we equate justice with equitable treatment.  It is interesting to note, however, that nowhere in the Bible does Our Lord promise us that life will be fair.  Christianity is radical because we are called to give far more to others, even at the cost of our own comfort.
Action Plan: Over the next week, practice willingly offering intentional acts for others that require sacrificing one’s own desires to complete.  (Kay Parlor, wife, mother Cooperative Oblate Pro Sanctity Central States) 

We wish to fulfill the mission you have entrusted to us to speak of love and brotherhood to everyone.  Therefore, grant us, O Lord, the ability to speak and the courage to witness (from the prayer Builders of a New World, William Giaquinta)

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