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Friday, July 17, 2015

Love is Revolution Day 17

Quote of the Day

 Consecrated through the sacrament of matrimony, every
couple and their children are a little nucleus of a supernatural
family, set in a poetic way amid the cry of a baby, the
singing of the mother, the aroma of fresh bread. The parish
is a family gathered around the good father at an altar
adorned by white linens and flowers full of their perfume.
The local Church or diocese is a family, fitted to its bishop—
who knows how to be for his children a brother and a father;
how to have a smile and firmness—as the strings of a
harp through which the Spirit repeats the truth in melodies
of love (St. Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Eph. 4). The whole
Church is a family which, in a world needing peace and love,
shows itself a living reality of the Father who looks for the
far-off, lost prodigal son, as Jesus recounts in the Gospel
(Luke 15:11 ff )

When I ponder family today I cannot help but look at my own family, we are typical...Some are married, some are not, some our poor, some are rich, some are believers and some are not....some are open to life and some are list could go on, but in all our differences, beliefs and disbeliefs we all hunger for love, we all want to be loved, and we hunger to love!

The Founder of Pro Sanctity, Bishop Giaquinta invited us to be family to everyone we meet, to see everyone as brother and sister, and to invite, invite and invite again into the circle of a community of love. Love conquers so many things, and love can be honest, even tough when need be, most of all love opens us to taste the  unconditional love of God. In the story of the prodigal son, the younger son returned to his father because he lost everything and committed countless sins, but he was embraced by his father with unconditional love. In the background lurked his elder brother, who whined and complained that his brother did not deserve it, he should not be tolerated, because unlike himself, he was a sinner. Oh how hard he was on his wayward brother,  but the father exuberantly loved him with all his faults and love his whiny elder son too!  In reality he loved both with his whole heart showing us what unconditional love looks like in a family, in Church, the community, and in all affairs!

Grace to pray for:
As we prepare for the National Pro Sanctity Convention and ponder the revolution of love, let us pray for the grace of unconditional love, in the spirit of our heavenly Father, and love without conditions! May this revolution happen and may it start in our hearts today! Amen!

13 days to the convention!  To register  click on the link below


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